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Keep Score of Real-Life Games With Friends Using These Free Apps

Keep Score of Real-Life Games With Friends Using These Free Apps

Rainy days can mean you rather stay indoors with friends than go out. And house parties invariably mean games. But it's always a hassle finding a pen and paper to keep score. Don't worry, as they say, there's an app for that. With these clever tools, you can avoid the labourious (and often fruitless) hunt for stationery and get right into the action.

Keep Score

Android | Oliver Dupont

First on our list is Olivier Dupont's Holo-themed Keep Score for Android, which keeps things simple: just name and add as many players as you need, tap to add scores for each round (in increments of 1, 5 and 10) and check your results in ascending/descending order. Games are saved so you can resume at any time, and the app runs on tablets too. We found it to be perfect for simple games like Dumb Charades and Balderdash.

Keep Score

Android | Red Sulfur

While both these apps share the same name, Red Sulfur's Keep Score is great for those into sports and team games. It works for basketball, soccer, tennis and other sports, as well as anything else you can play with two players or teams. You can even use a timer, toggle between halves and quarters for basketball and soccer, and also display a scoring graph to visualise team progress. The free version gets the job done, while the Pro version (~ Rs. 110) removes ads and introduces cool extra features like score history and score sharing.

Scorekeeper XL

iOS / BlackBerry PlayBook | Matt Rix

Who would have thought that keeping score could be so beautiful? Scorekeeper XL makes it super-easy with a simple interface where you just have to add the name and choose a colour. Each colour also has a corresponding musical note, so any time someone tops the table, their note will ring -- fun! Adding and subtracting points is really easy, as is deleting a player or resetting everyone's scores to zero to start a new round. Matt Rix's app is a winner.

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