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Lipstick Stain Removal: Know HowHousehold

Lipstick Stain Removal: Know How

When a little bit of adventure leads to a little bit of embarrassment, it's not an ideal solution for everyday, right?

When you have those cute little lipstick stains on your clothes, either by yourself or because of your 'significant other', there is no choice but to discard the cloth, even if it's your favorite.

Well, not anymore.

Here is an easy and effective way to remove lipstick stains from your clothes.

All you need to have for this trick is white bread. Yes, you read it right.

Take a piece of white bread and cut off the crust. You can feed it to the birds, by the way.

What remains of the bread is the softer part of the bread and that is what we need for this little trick of ours.

Shape the softer part like a ball and rub it firmly over the stain. You would see the stain coming out of the cloth and over the bread part.

The harder part is done. Whatever remains of the stain would easily come off when you wash the clothes.

Happy cleaning!

Picture by: Mopp

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