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Make the Most Out Of Your Slow Workdays. Here’s How 
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Make the Most Out Of Your Slow Workdays. Here’s How 

Getting a slow work day after spending hours and days in neck deep work comes as a blessing. On a slow work day, you can officially chill in office as you don’t have any pending tasks and no files to clear at your desk.

But, when such slow workdays become a routine, it can take a toll as you end up getting bored. On an inactive or a slow-moving day, it can become impossible for you to kill time.
To kill time, you are done surfing the net, shopping online, stalking your cursh and enemies on social media and you even end up eating a seven-course meal during your lunch. (Also read: Instead Of Having It All, Have What Matters The Most) 

Still, the day moves on slowly.

To make a sluggish day fly away in a productive manner, you need to think different. And you will realize that how things done on these light workload days can act as the real game changers for your career. So, instead of repeatedly refreshing your e-mails, try and indulge in the following activities and we promise that time will fly out so quickly that it may not even hit you.

1. Look for how your competitors in the market are doing: Since slow work days come rarely, they must be used strategically. Instead of surfing the web, social media feeds, online shopping or playing online games, check out how your competitors are getting things done. Do a research on their ways of conducting their business and accordingly plan your strategies. This will enhance your performance at work and there will be nothing that could stop your manager from singing praises of you.

2. Block out this time for socializing with your colleagues: To avoid getting bored at work from the next time, part your ways from your desk and have a quick chit-chat session with your colleagues. When you have friends at work, stress gets minimized and a team spirit develops which in turn boosts the morale of employees. And it is not necessary that you have to talk about work only, you can pick up any topic and converse for good 5-10 minutes. (Also read: ​Foods You Should Avoid After 7 PM)

3. Instead of looking at your to-do list, look at your list of accomplishments: Slow work days happen once in a blue moon. And definitely, you would not like to waste this time thinking about your pending tasks or projects. So, instead of going through your to-do list , look at your accomplishments. A sense of accomplishment is a lot more soothing and fills you up with energy to take up new challenges.

4. Go for a walk: Sitting for long hours on a stretch exhausts your body a lot more than any other physical activity. So, to please your mind, first, you need to please your body. Get up from your desk and go out for a walk with your colleague or friend at work. Along with relieving the tension of work, it will also make you feel fresh and energetic once again. Thus, the urge to go home will get less.

5. Be an expert of a new skill: Amidst the work pressure, it gets really hard to dwell upon our hobbies. What better time could we find than a slow workday to learn something we have been waiting to learn for a long time now. Pick a subject or a skill you want to be an expert of and then use the free time to make it happen.

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