Making Yummier and Healthier Doughnuts At Home

Ever since the multinational confectionary chains (especially doughnut chains) like Dunkin Donuts and a more recent Krispy Kreme have set shop in India, there has been a huge and growing number of fan following lining up outside to get their fill of the sweet treats.

It may be good for the economy to let multinationals invest in various sectors; however it definitely isn't good news for your waistline. On top of that kids have more and more variety of junk food to choose from causing major difficulty for the parents to control their diet and inculcate healthy eating habits.

A good alternative to is to put in some time and effort to make these delicacies yourself at home so that you can control the ingredients and cooking techniques to at least ensure you and your loved ones can enjoy a healthier version of doughnuts. Plus, it's easier on your pocket too!

Doughnuts typically are made with white flour, butter and sugar and deep fried and then rolled in more sugar or icing. I'm scared to imagine the number of calories and fat that might entail. Plus these evil things are addictive. Many people can't really stop at one or end buying a whole box of doughnuts to relish later (and also tempted by the discount that is available only if you give bulk order). That can be no good to your health.
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