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Ola’s Cashless Move Makes Mobility Easier, People with ‘Old Notes’ are Loving it

Ola’s Cashless Move Makes Mobility Easier, People with ‘Old Notes’ are Loving it

There is no denying that people are facing inconveniences due to demonetisation. However, there are many who in order to support the ulterior motive of eradicating black money are being good Samaritans. While some people in Bangalore are helping out people fill bank forms when they go for exchange of notes, some vegetable vendors and grocery stores in Delhi are giving away things on loan. Ola cabs also has now joined the bandwagon of helping out customers in this time of crisis.

On November 16, they launched Ola Credit, a unique postpaid service to enable hassle-free mobility to citizens who can now pay later for their rides. Ola Credit will give customers seven days of credit so they can keep booking Ola cabs without worrying about having sufficient cash. Ola Credit can be repaid via net banking, debit or credit cards easily through the widely accepted Ola Money e-wallet which is anyway integrated into the app.

Some have in fact already started using this scheme. Annam Hasan, a student, residing in Delhi had Rs 200 in her Ola money wallet on her way back from college yesterday, but had to pay Rs. 400. “I didn’t have Rs 200 in cash. So the driver suggested that the balance amount can be kept on credit for a week. So, I availed it immediately. It is a pretty cool idea,” she said. “I am yet to go to bank to exchange my old notes and there is a heavy rush expected at ATMs and banks even this weekend. Also, whatever smaller denomination notes that I have, it can now be used for every day sundry items. For my travel to work I can use this Ola credit every day and pay during weekend with Ola money,” added Ankur Mehta, a resident of Dilshad Garden Delhi, who works with a leading MNC in Noida.

Raghuvesh Sarup, Chief Marketing Officer and Category Head at Ola said, “Ola Credit is a global first from Ola to keep India moving towards a cashless economy. Ola Credit provides hassle-free mobility to citizens who can now pay later for their rides when cash conservation is important for many citizens. Mobility is an everyday use case and our commitment to making it seamless includes building a friction less payment experience. Credit is an important step towards our goal of ensuring mobility for a billion Indians.”

A customer can select ‘Ola Credit’ as their payment option while booking a ride. He or she can avail cashless rides and settle dues as per their convenience, within a week. The seven day credit cycle begins from the date of the first credit ride. A customer will be able to clear dues using Ola Money, a digital wallet that has been popular for a while now. Ola Credit will play an important role in the movement of a large number of low value transactions online, allowing citizens to conserve lower denomination currency for their other needs. “This scheme will continue even after the current issues faced by masses ends,” said company’s spokesperson.

(Image Credit: Indiatimes)

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