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Score More In Exams! Know How
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Score More In Exams! Know How

Everyone knows that chewing gums has positive impacts on your mind, but here is something that you probably didn't know.

Unique flavors of chewing gums make you recall stuff the next time you have them. So, in short, if you chew a unique flavored gum while studying for your exam and chew the same flavor again while writing that exam, chances are that your mind would recall what you studies in the first place and you would end up scoring more.

However, here is a catch. This miraculous property of gums won't last longer than say twenty minutes, so it is really advisable to chew the gum only when you are in a fix and not remembering the answers to some high-scoring questions.

As an extra tip, let me tell you that studies have proven that clenching your fists while trying to remember something also helps. So the next time you are trying to remember something in an exam, just pop that gum, clinch your fists, and you will be good to go.

Happy scoring!

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