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Single Or Not. Here Are 5 Unique Ways of Celebrating Valentine's Day

Single Or Not. Here Are 5 Unique Ways of Celebrating Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day isn't just about roses, champagne, public display of affection for your partner, sappy love messages and heart-shaped cards. With passing years Valentine's Day has managed to unlock itself from the clutches of couples. Today you needn't be in a relationship to celebrate the day of love. You could simply celebrate the day of love by celebrating your dreams and passions. And that's why-single or not-here are a few ways in which you could cheerfully celebrate this Valentine's Day.

1) Spend time with family

With such hectic lives we hardly get any time to spend with our families so let's celebrate the day of love with the people who genuinely and honestly accept us and love us unconditionally. There is no better love than family so take them out on a date. Go for fine dining or maybe plan a picnic with them. You could even plan a day of outdoor sports if you're feeling a little too adventurous.

2) Date with the pet

After a tiring day a hug by our dogs is such a blessing, isn't it? Pets are best buddies and what better day than Valentine's Day to pamper them a bit. Gift them a toy or take them out for a long walk.

3) Epicurean experiments

If food is your passion then why not whip some magic in your kitchen? Or even better, plan a potluck with your buddies. And if you're feeling too lazy then you know what to do- order your favourite food or just wear your best clothes and head to your favourite restaurant for a romantic date with yourself and your favourite food.

4) Do some charity

Spread love by spending a day at an old age home or cook food for kids on the streets. You could volunteer for a cause. Something that you relate to. It could anything from keeping your neighbourhood clean to teaching a child.

5) Work on yourself

If you can't love yourself honestly then you probably won't be able to love anyone else. So this Valentine's Day just spoil yourself rotten. Eat, sleep, watch movies, go to a spa, travel, read or just head to a gym. Do things that truly make you happy. This could be your biggest gift to yourself.

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