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The ‘Tasks & Purpose’ 2-Column To-do List Makes Mornings More Productive

The ‘Tasks & Purpose’ 2-Column To-do List Makes Mornings More Productive

Do you have a bit of a tough time getting your day started productively? If you aren't a morning person, here's a tip: start the night before by creating a two-column to-do list, listing each task and its purpose to keep your day streamlined.

The tip comes from super-multitasker Robert C. Pozen, who has written a new book titled Extreme Productivity: Boost Your Results, Reduce Your Hours .

"Productive mornings begin at night. The night before, go over your schedule and see what you're going to do and what the purpose of what you're doing is," Pozen says. "I advocate having a two-column schedule. On the left, put down all your appointments and phone calls. On the right, put down what the purpose is. [Ask] what am I trying to get out of this?"

This systematic approach to your to-do list will ensure you are clear about the end result you want out of any task, which in turn helps in prioritizing them as well as allocating the amount of time needed.

Pozen shared several other productivity tips in his interview with NY Post, which you can check out at the link below.

Get Time On Your Side | NY Post

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