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These Hacks Will Guide You On How To Deal With Sabotaging Peer
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These Hacks Will Guide You On How To Deal With Sabotaging Peer

Everything is fair in love and war and this is workplace! With increasing competition and work pressure, sabotage at workplace won't be a shocking element.

Your peers might sabotage your career and use you as a ladder to their success. If you are facing a situation where a co-worker or a senior is sabotaging you, don't get anxious.

Keep your calm and follow the hacks below to handle it like a boss

First things first, understand the motive

It is important to know why a colleague or superior is sabotaging your career and interfering in your affairs. This will help you understand that person's psyche better and handle the situation better.

There can be multiple reasons behind this. You colleague might make you look small in front of the top boss either because of jealousy or insecurity.

One of the most common reasons that lead people to sabotage someone at the workplace is when they are struggling with their own job. They don't want that the management or the boss's attention should divert anywhere and to anyone else. Other reasons include wanting your job responsibilities and competing for same promotion or profile.

Now you know he/she is doing it, so plan your strategy to deal with it.

No reaction is the best reaction

Nothing annoys a person more than not getting a reaction. You already know the situation so keep calm and be proactive. Be prepared with anticipated things. For instance, if you have to give a presentation to your management, anticipate tough questions and prepare for them.

Maintain rapport with your boss

Maintaining a good rapport and constant communication with your boss is always important. Take regular feedbacks to know if the sabotaging peer has any effect on your boss.. If needed, go out of your way to ensure communication. This will give you an opportunity to improve your performance as well your relationship with your boss.

Record everything, whenever possible

Remember, when there is a co-worker with maligning intentions, you need to be extra careful. Make sure to document all conversations with the person. Avoid having any work related conversation with the co-worker over telephone. If there is something discussed over phone or in person, immediately follow up with an email so you have proof of the same.

Confront the co-worker

If still you are losing patience and want to deal with it straight away, talk it out. If the plotting game is not stopping anywhere, you have to draw a line and confront that colleague. Now, we are not suggesting you to get into a fist fight or a screaming session with this person. All we are saying is to have a conversation where you let this person know that you are aware of what he/she is doing. You should also tell this peer that you are documenting everything. Chances are there that the person will deny everything but no one cannot get away with the truth, isn't it? Tell him/her they can't get away with it and they should back-off!

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