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These Women Entrepreneurs Overcame All Odds And Their Story Is Quite Inspiring

These Women Entrepreneurs Overcame All Odds And Their Story Is Quite Inspiring

Overcoming gender stereotyping in India is a tough task but women are doing it to pursue their dreams. Women in the 21st century are breaking the barriers, even in the male dominated sectors and leaving their mark.

However, it is not a cakewalk for every woman, as the society expects her to get married, raise children, look after her family and that's all. But, the world doesn't end here. Many women are taking bold steps to overcome such pressures.

Lifehacker India spoke to few women entrepreneurs who challenged the stereotypes and now are shining in their respective businesses .

Mandeep Kaur Sidhu, CEO, Simbacart, a Mohali based e-commerce company established in 2012 shared her story, saying she was rejected for loans by several banks just because she was a woman and was told she could not run a successful business.

"Before starting my business, I checked every government scheme to get financial help. I approached government as well as private banks, but they were not ready to provide any amount without collateral or guarantees. The bank officials did not entertain me well," she said.

"All government schemes look very good only on papers. When you will try to take benefits, you will face difficulties. In fact, you will face more difficulties, if you are a woman because you are not supposed to excel in professional life. Your relatives and neighbours discourage and advise you not to take risks in life," added Sidhu, who is also trying to generate employment in rural areas of Punjab and working for skill development .

So how did she raise funds? "I invested all my savings. I took a lot of money from my husband who is working as a software engineer abroad," said Sidhu. She later got help from Lendingkart, an online platform that facilitates small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to obtain working capital loans.

Namrata Awasthi, Director, Advika Glittering Treasures, distributor and supplier of jewels also had a similar story to share.

"It is a herculean task for women entrepreneurs to manage both professional and personal lives well. The situation outside is not conducive for a woman to work round the clock. Women are not safe as soon as they step out of their house," she told Lifehacker India.

Awasthi said it is quite tough to deal with government officials due to their lethargic attitude towards work. "People are very apprehensive when it comes to dealing with women entrepreneurs," she added.

So, how do these women keep themselves motivated? The passion to pursue their dreams keeps them going forward.

Jyoti Amba, co-founder,, a Bengaluru-based online portal, said, "Whenever I think about weavers of this country, I feel like doing something for them. Sometimes, I derive motivation from them and do not feel like stopping even if I face any problem in the way."

Moreover, family support is also important if you are about to take risks as family members act as a support system during rough waters, added Amba.

However, Sidhu has a different way to keep herself motivated. She said, "I do a lot of social activities and interact with my co-workers to know what they want and what their ideas are. This makes me happy. Besides this, my husband also motivates me."

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