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This Chat-Based Mobile Platform Motivates You To Get Healthy

This Chat-Based Mobile Platform Motivates You To Get Healthy

It happens almost with everyone that we plan to adopt a healthy lifestyle but follow it only for a few days before abandoning it forever. Have you ever thought reasons behind it? Well, the reason is lack of motivation to execute the plans.

You can derive motivation by discussing the issue with your life partner, friends, colleagues, relatives or neighbours. You also have an option to chat with friends on WhatsApp or register yourself on any chat-based mobile platform that encourages its users to make healthier choices and follow a healthy regime.

We spoke to Mihir Gadani, co-founder, FitCircle, an app that connects health enthusiasts from local communities to make fitness a fun activity, about how professionals and working women should take care of their health.

Gadani, who is also a nutrition and fitness specialist, said, "We referred to queries related to nutrition from more than 10 thousand people and realized that majority of them consume a wrong type meal at 5 pm every day and their diet is almost 70% deficient in protein."

He also shared two tips for professionals and working women:
*Carry a mini protein and fiber-rich snack which you can consume at 5:00 pm. You can also consume protein shake at that time.
*Do five-minute HIIT ( high intensity interval training ) workout which is extremely effective in improving metabolism and keep you healthy.

However, the questions arises how can old people enjoy benefits from such apps as most of them are not tech savvy . Gadani said, "These days majority of people, young or old, use a chat messenger to stay connected with their children, friends or relatives, with WhatsApp being the most popular in India. So, we have created fitness chat bots that can be easily be on WhatsApp."

It is easy to join such community and avail all the benefits for free. "You just have to add a phone number in your contact list and then add it to the group that you want it to be a part of, just like you add a friend to your WhatsApp group. It is easy for everyone," he said.

Informing about the chat bots, Gadani said, "People can come to know about the diet plan by interacting with an expert who is assisted by bot. People are too busy or lazy to work out, so our chat bots taken into consideration user's preference and suggests 5 minutes workouts. These workouts are designed in a way to burn calories."

On being asked to share a piece of advice to those who consider it a burden to visit a gym or go for walk, he said, "Be friend with a fitness enthusiasts or join an active community. This might help you. Remember, you need 5-10 minutes for yourself daily."

The co-founder of FitCircle also shared tips about how we can avoid fast food and take healthy diet. He said, "Buy a fat monitor and do your body analysis every week. Record it and you will see a natural inclination towards healthy meals in the following week."

He suggested, "Promise yourself a good Saturday night meal or Sunday brunch every week if you have avoided fast food for the entire week. For every healthy diet you take, donate Rs 10 for a cause that is closer to your heart. You will feel good about your choice."

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