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This Is How You Can Quickly Grow Traffic On Pinterest
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This Is How You Can Quickly Grow Traffic On Pinterest

Since its launch in 2010, Pinterest, a content sharing website and app has turned many eyes towards itself on social media. According to reports, it has crossed the threshold of 100 million monthly active users in 2016. This world's catalog of ideas has given people an effective platform to get closer to their favorite brands, products and also, people who inspire them. They visit the website to explore creative ways to evolve their style and to look out for various useful hacks to make their life simpler.

Due to its massive reach, many companies and individuals are utilizing Pinterest as a marketing platform to promote their business and redirect traffic to their own websites. If statistics are to be believed, Pinterest stands second after Facebook in the list of social networks to drive referral traffic. And, in the recent years, it drove three times more traffic than Twitter. Long gone are those days when web-ads were the only available option to promote your websites, blogs or online shops. (Also read: 6 Quick Foods To Improve Focus And Concentration At Work)

Then, what are you waiting for? Or, you are also one of those who know something needs to be done on priority, but probably you are too busy on other social networks to give your undivided attention to your Pinterest profile.

To make the process easier and to help you turn this image-centric social network into an effective tool to shoot up your brand visibility and customers reach, here are some tips on how to maintain a well-updated Pinterest presence.

1. Create a profile that attracts your target audience: Creating an attractive profile is the first step in setting up an account on any social networking website. The same holds true when you register yourself with Pinterest. Start by filling in information in your bio area. To make people stick around, make sure that you do not flood that area only boasting about yourself as people are more interested in knowing how you can help them instead of who you are and what qualities you possess. Next, focus on adding relevant keywords to your profile name so that when people search for them, it is your profile that pops up at the top in the search results. (Also read:
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2. Just like Google, Pinterest too works on SEO: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is about optimizing your content in a way that it appears first in the list of search results. In simple words, it is about getting traffic. Unlike other social networking sites, Pinterest is a search engine that makes use of SEO. It ranks its pins on the basis of their relevance to the users. To make sure that Pinterest lists your content in its top feed, create relevant boards for your target audience. Remove all unnecessary boards and add several keywords to your board description so that when a person search for a particular phrase, it is your board that pops up first. (Also read: ​ 5 Signs That Your Job Owns You)

3. Pin your content onto Pinterest the moment you publish it on your own website: To increase engagement of the users to your website, pin the content onto Pinterest as soon as you publish it on your own website. Have a consistent pinning schedule. Being active on Pinterest means publishing fresh content every now and then. Also, this is what SEO works on. Experts recommend that you should pin at least 20 pins in a day to expect a huge number of followers.

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