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Unable To Follow New Year Resolutions? Make Goals Instead
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Unable To Follow New Year Resolutions? Make Goals Instead

At the beginning of every year, we all make New Year resolutions but often fail to keep up with them. Ever thought why? It is because we don't think through our resolutions. In this article, we offer five hacks that can help you achieve your New Year's resolutions.

1. Differentiate between a goal and a resolution

Often, we see people using goals and resolutions almost interchangeably, but both are different from each other. A goal has a clear target within a given time frame, while a resolution is more of a behavior statement. For example, "I will follow healthy food habits from now" is a resolution. On the other hand, resolutions are more generic and they don't have a clear time limit to be followed. For example, "I will include 50% of fresh food in my daily diet in the next six months" is a goal.

2. Write down your goals to enroll your subconscious mind
Writing is a subconscious activity and as you write down your key goals for the year, your subconscious mind (which comprises 90% of your mind) gets the message more clearly and comes on board in helping you achieve those goals. Writing your goals also makes it clear for you to understand what you want.

3. Write down key actions you will take to drive you in the direction of your goals
After writing down all your goals, write down an action plan on how you will achieve that goal. Be a bit careful and don't get carried away while trying to write each and every step that you wish to take. This can make your goal look unrealistic. The trick here is to write key actions that you will take to drive yourself in the direction of your goal.

4. Keep track of progress
Maintain a diary and keep a track of your progress on a daily, weekly and monthly basis as required. This helps you understand where you are faltering and get yourself back on the track.

5. Don't get obsessed, just do it with love
Remember, getting obsessed with your goal will not help you. It will rather pull you down and make it feel like a burden. So, be a bit lenient and give yourself a little leeway as and when required. Just do it with love, and the results will be faster and better.
Last and the most important thing: be happy with your current state and look forward to achieving more. If you stay unsatisfied and unhappy with your current state, you will keep pushing you away from your goals.
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