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gifts for your geeky partner on Valentine’s Day

Unusual gifts for your geeky partner on Valentine’s Day

Amidst all the heart-shaped cheesy gifts swarming the market on the Valentine's Day, are you worried about what to gift to your geeky boyfriend/girlfriend? You need not worry as we have some cool gifting ideas for a geeky girlfriend/boyfriend.

Favorite collectibles
If your partner is a fan of a particular TV show or animation series, then gifting them a collectible of the same will be something that will really cheer them up. You have an option to choose from cartoon series mobile covers, Superman pen drives, Big Bang Theory mugs, and many more options to choose from. Needless to mention, how impressed your love interest will be with such a thoughtful and quirky gift! You can go to to select such collectibles and gift your valentine.

Recycled products
Beautiful and useful items created out of recycled pieces of glass, plastic and other materials detrimental for the environment if not reused, can be another great idea for your geeky partner. Checkout some amazing products by a company called the Upcycle Project, which creates awe-inspiring objects made of recycled materials. Some of the interesting recycled items you can buy as gift are book origami, rum bottle watches, tea light votives, vinyl record thalis, cage lights, record clocks, CD cover document divider, floppy disk pen stand, record book ends, etc. You can order from their Facebook page at

Crew messenger bag
How about gifting a bag that one can build on its own? If your geeky girlfriend or boyfriend loves to do his/her own jig with their stuff, they are going to love this crew messenger bag by Tagger (an Amsterdam-based brand). The parts of these bags click, stick and zip which will give your partner a chance to customize the bag anytime they want. Even, the flap is interchangeable and comes with different colors and prints options, which can be used later to change the look of the bag. You can buy these online at

Books will never fade away as an amazing gift option for geek, be it Valentine's Day, birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion. There are many options when it comes to picking up the book you want to give. Just go by the kind of books your partner likes, instead of the usual recommendations. If you have been paying attention to them, you will already know which books your partner would like to read. For your help, you can browse the book section at amazon India at

Special message bed and bath linens
How about some comfortable and cozy linens which are useful as well set the mood of romance? That will definitely win the heart of your partner. Go for Portico New York's special Valentine's Day collection called "Happiness Is". This exclusive collection based on graphics and illustrations of happy relationship moments in daily life. Each item has a special message written on it which is based on the simple nuances that provide happiness in our romantic lives. This collection is based on the graphics on the popular social media page titled - The Happy Page (on Facebook), created by Ralph & Lisa. The two creators in partnership with Portico New York have created these amazing bed & bath range which have exclusive illustrations. You can pick up from a range of bed sheet sets, comforters, duvet covers, towels, cushions, tote bags etc.
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