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Want To Donate To ALS? Here Is How You Can
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Want To Donate To ALS? Here Is How You Can

If you had the chance to be online on any social media platform even for an hour the past week, you know what is ALS and what people, citizens and celebrities alike, are doing to raise awareness for it.

The whole point of this awareness drive is to raise funds for a life-threatening disease called Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). Now, if after watching people getting drenched in ice-cold water no matter their geographic location, you have made up your mind to donate to the charity, here is how you can do it.

You would be needing a valid credit card allowing international transactions or a PayPal account to donate to the cause. Go to the donate section of official website of the ALS Association and click on the red mouse that says Online .

After you fill the form there along with the money that you want to donate (a minimum of $5), you would be asked to fill in the details of the credit card or the PayPal account before being proceeded for the donation confirmation.

You can also choose to make this a regular thing by checking the Recurring Donation tab and specifying the period of donation.

If you know that your employer is also donating, you can be a part of the Matching Gift Program via your HR department to double or triple the donation money.

Checking on the last two tabs would Subscribe you for emails from the association and Remember your private data with the website, which ideally is not a taken choice.

Clicking on Complete Donation does your part and you have done the good cause.

By August 22, 2014 the ALS Association, has managed to raise $53.3 million since July 29 through this campaign. During the same period last year it had raised $2.2 million.

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