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Admit Your Imperfections to Become More Approachable to PeoplePsychology

Admit Your Imperfections to Become More Approachable to People

S. Shanthi
Do you often feel bad about your flaws or faults? You wish you were a perfectionist, but even after consistent efforts you fail at it? Then maybe you haven't realised that being imperfect is the perfect way to be. The girl who dresses up impeccably well or the guy who has a spectacular vocabulary may not be as likable as you are. To be liked, it is important to ward off envy and appear more human.

Appearing too perfect and better than others can be really dangerous. To understand it better, try making a list of people you envy. It could be someone tall and slim or someone who flashes around driving your dream car or someone with the perfect marriage. And, now think about the number of times you interact with such people. It will definitely be way lesser than the number of times you have interacted with someone who is lazy or someone who doesn't look spectacular. This is because imperfect people are more approachable. You can better relate to people with flaws.

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You will certainly feel more comfortable with someone who admits harmless wrongdoings. So, if you want to be liked, it is important to ward off envy and appear more human. Appearing better than others is always perilous. Envy creates silent enemies. Have you wondered why you don't get compliments in spite of being perfectly dressed whereas your not-so-well dressed colleague grabs all the attention just for a single pair of new earrings?
That is because people in general do not like perfection. It is good to display defects occasionally so that others feel comfortable. It will make others relate to you better.

When you can accept your limitations and imperfections, you give others the consent to be imperfect, as well . It means when you look at your imperfection, you lessen the standards you have kept for yourself. You realise that you are having too much expectations from yourself. And once you accept that, you stop expecting people in your life to be perfect too.

Yes, everybody goes through these mindless comparisons with others and end up suffering from low self esteem. So, when you say things that are not enviable, you are giving an ego boost to the other person, which makes him or her like you all the more.

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