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Find Out If A Battery Is Fresh Or Not By Dropping It On The Floor
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Find Out If A Battery Is Fresh Or Not By Dropping It On The Floor

The problem with AA and AAA alkaline batteries is that you can only find out if they have charge or not until a device stopped working. Since there are no external identifiers to know if the battery has charge or not, many of us generally end up mixing up the bad ones with the good ones most time. As a result, the only way someone can find if these batteries work or not is actually by putting it inside a gadget.

Here is a very quick and simple hack to find out if your AA or AAA batteries are good or not - just drop them on a hard surface. Too simple, right? The fully charged batteries generally do not bounce when dropped, compared to ones with a low charge, which will bounce higher.

Still not convinced? Researchers at Princeton actually tested this hack over and over again only to reach the same conclusion. With the help of a combination of X-rays and lab experiments, Princeton engineers Shoham Bhadra and Daniel Steingart did confirm batteries bounce as they lose charge due to zinc oxidization. But, do remember to be careful on how and where you drop them.

(Image Credit: Princeton)

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