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'Fitbit for Alcohol' Will Tell You When You Have Had Enough Drinks

'Fitbit for Alcohol' Will Tell You When You Have Had Enough Drinks

A few years ago, all bets were placed on wearables to be the new revolutionary gadgets in the world of technology. Google built a 'glass', Microsoft made a fitness band, Apple introduced a smartwatch- only for the trend to slow down due to lack of real innovation. Microsoft shut down the band, Google shelved the glass, and once popular Pebble is now no longer in existence.

Enter Milo Sensors, a firm who is innovating in the arena of wearables, recently introduced a wearable named Proof , which will tell you how when you've had too much of drink.

Proof is a wearable alcohol sensor that tracks the alcohol molecules in your skin. One can put it on when they are going out and pair it with their smartphone and will display the latest information on the level alcohol you had.

Another advantage of Proof is that it will provide a faster measurement of your intoxication level so you don't have to wait for 30 minutes for an accurate reading, as is the case with breath analyzers.

The device will also let you intelligently monitor your drinking, that means you can set alarms or notifications to inform you when you are approaching certain quantities. Thus you can enjoy a drink and make sure that your alcohol level is not over the legal driving limit.

The band will be made available in Kickstarter for pre-ordering later this year. Prospective users will need to buy the band as well as special cartridges that studies and measures the alcohol molecules in your skin. A single cartridge will last up to 12 hours, and then they have to be replaced with refills that will be available on subscription. On the hand, the tracker can last up to 4 days with single charging.

Interestingly, Proof's smartphone app can track and display your drinking pattern, just like the way a fitness app keeps a record of your physical activities.

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