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Five Benefits of Listening to Podcasts

Five Benefits of Listening to Podcasts

In a world of YouTube and Snapchat, where video is the primary format of communication, podcasts are the most underappreciated ones. Modern day podcasts are the successors of once ever present and ever dominant radio shows that informed, inspired and educated entire generations. With the development of many podcast apps with innovative features, such as Overcast where the silence in the podcast is eliminated to shorten the length of the whole podcast, it is important to give this medium some attention. Here are five reasons why:

1. A better way to wind up your day
Many of us have the habit of reading books before going to bed. Others prefer television or YouTube. I personally find that listening to podcasts is the better way to wind up your day. Listening to them while you are in bed helps you fall asleep since your attention is focused on the voice. It also makes you informed and smarter while preventing from the blue light exposure which ruins out sleep as result of watching YouTube or reading e-books.

2. They helps you multitask
It is impossible to multitask while watching a video or reading a book as they require our complete visual attention. On the other hand, podcasts offer a better alternative. You could be cooking, cleaning or doing any household chores and you can still listen to the podcasts while keep doing the other activity. It just doesn't get in your way. Another benefit is its portability, you can take it everywhere, to the gym, for running or while commuting. You can download or stream them according to your convenience.

3. They have limited commercial interruptions
Unlike YouTube and televisions, podcasts doesn't bombard you with streams of ads and commercials. In fact, the commercials present in the podcasts can be skipped with quite easily in any podcast apps.

4. They are educational and informative
One common factor amongst most of the modern podcasts is that they are highly informative and educational. From the iTunes U podcasts featuring materials from universities like Harvard to the weekly Freakonomics podcast, every day you are offered with something new to learn that will aid your overall personal development.

5. They are free
Till this day, I am yet to see a single podcast that charges its listeners for using it. Like I mentioned before, podcasts follow the path of old day radio shows which were broadcasted for free. Many of the popular podcasts apps are free as well. So what are you waiting for, start listening.

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