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How to Do Stellar Presentations like Steve Jobs

How to Do Stellar Presentations like Steve Jobs

We all wish to do presentations like Steve Jobs, with lots of charm and swagger. In fact, his memorable presentations of the Macbook Air and original iPhone are considered to be one of the best product presentation and has played a key role in adding to the cult followers called the iSheeps.

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Guy Kawasaki is the former chief evangelist of Apple and author of thirteen books including The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users, APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur — How to Publish a Book, What the Plus!, and Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Action. Here are some of his tips for doing brilliant presentations:

1. Make your slide background black

One of the trademark characteristics of all Apple presentation is black or dark slides. Most of us make the mistake of choosing white, which according to Guy Kawasaki, says " I am clueless and am going to make you stare at a bright object".

2. Set all your text to white

This is commons sense since you are using a dark background. Make them bold and large enough to read and definitely stay away from fancy fonts. The presentation is not the place to show people of your fondness for Comic Sans.

3. Use phrases instead of sentences

Slides are supposed to assist you to make your point, not the place for your audience to read the transcript of what you are saying.

4. Reduce the number of pictures per slide to three or less

Ideally, one picture per slide will be the best way to go. But even if you want to add more images limit it under three

5. Don't use more than four bullets per slide

Since we spoke about using phrases instead of sentences, that doesn't imply you must turn everything into an endless parade of bullet points. Four is the maximum bullet points you should put on a slide, according to Guy Kawasaki.

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