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If Taken for Granted, Try Temporary Absence from a Group to Regain Lost Respect

If Taken for Granted, Try Temporary Absence from a Group to Regain Lost Respect

S. Shanthi
Absence makes the heart grow fonder. This age-old adage has found truth in various situations and has been backed by a choice of studies world over. Not only in romantic relationships, even in a friendly group this psychological trick works like magic. Use absence to increase respect. If you are in a group, be it personal or professional, a temporary withdrawal from it will make you more talked about.

A new study suggests that individuals in long distance relationships experience more intimacy with their significant others than those who are together daily. Too much circulation makes you taken for granted and depletes your value. When you are seen around too often, you become a routine or a habit. Temporary withdrawal from it will make you more popular; people will talk about you and even admire you more. You must learn when to leave and create value through scarcity.

When you withdraw yourself, you become scarce which will quickly gain you respect and honour. What stays too long inundates us with its presence. That is why it makes us disregard it.

However, this trick is applicable only after you establish a certain level of power. You need to have a presence for your absence to be felt. When you enter a group, create an image for yourself, you should be liked and taken note of. If you withdraw before that and leave early, you will only be forgotten and not missed.

Haven't you heard how a lover's imagination takes flight when one is away? A stimulated imagination will only help make love grow stronger. Also, you should not give reason for your absence as that will excite others even more. They will constantly be wondering what went wrong. And if they have been taking you for granted, a sudden realization will peep in.

A strong presence will draw power and attention to you. However, too much presence creates the opposite effect. When you are seen and heard more, your value degrades. You must learn to withdraw yourself before you are unconsciously pushed away. Starve the other person of your presence. Sometimes in relationships, it is important to ensure you are not taken for granted. So, there is nothing wrong in forcing your respect by letting them know that they can lose you if not valued or respected.

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And, when you come back, you will be welcomed and valued more. People will be relieved at your return.

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