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Is Telephobia Making You A Closet Personality?

Is Telephobia Making You A Closet Personality?

S. Shanthi
You spend half of your day texting people and chatting. But when it comes to ordering food or fixing dentist appointment, you ask your friend to make the call. While you are very comfortable talking to people via messages, you cannot talk more than a sentence over phone. Well, may be you are suffering from telephobia, fear of talking on the phone. Some might think telephobia is too strong a word for aversion to talking on the phone, but it surely has become very common lately among millennials who are addicted to texting.

While many have this phobia to some extent, there are some who fear even the sight of the phone. Whenever the phone rings they feel utterly irritated. As a result their quality of life gets affected. Sometimes such socially anxious person can have no problem talking to people at a restaurant or bar but can feel extremely stressed about speaking to someone over the phone.

This phobia can be the result of various reasons. You are afraid that you will be ridiculed over the phone or that he person on the other side may misunderstand you. You are afraid that you may forget what to convey. Or, may be you are afraid to confront the person. This can also create professional problems as your interactions with the higher authorities get immensely affected. You can't pick up the phone and at the same time you feel guilty of missing important phone calls. This makes you utterly anxious and ultimately the situation becomes all the more worse and complicated. So, here are five essential ways of getting rid of phone phobia. (Also read: ‚Äč Tips To Deal With ‘Xenophobia’, The Most Searched Word Of 2016 )

Write down a phone script
Write a script and then read it over on the phone. You can prepare the script yourself or you can also make use of a prewritten script. Whatever you feel you will be more comfortable in, follow that.

Make calls where it’s OK to mess up
You can experiment by making calls to people or places who will not judge you. You can call whoever you feel or know that you aren’t expected to be perfect. Think of such places or people and make a list. To practice, make calls like ordering takeout where it’s OK to mess up.

Think through the worst-case scenario
At the max what will happen? We all lack in some aspects of life. And it is okay if you are judged. Also, it is not rocket science. You can easily win over it if you have your mind in it. Usually it’s not as bad as you feared.

Plan the start and end of call
Even if you don’t want to write down the entire script, you can just write the start and end of the call. “Plan through both how you will start and end the call. Often it’s hardest to think of a graceful way to exit,” say authors Joyable and Jeff Shore.

Know that you aren’t expected to be perfect
The best way to overcome any fear is to face it. So, just go for it. You don’t have to master the art, you just need to overcome the fear. So talk anything and everything and don’t worry about the reaction from the other side.

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