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Lock Your Refrigerator After Dinner to Curb Nocturnal Binge

Lock Your Refrigerator After Dinner to Curb Nocturnal Binge

S. Shanthi
Do you find yourself raiding the fridge in the middle of the night for a quick snack? Well, you are not alone. Most of us binge eat in the night. And that is what leads to weight gain. Even if you are someone with great metabolism, you can still gain weight.

Waking up hungry post-midnight is a common problem. Even if you have been strict about maintaining a healthy diet during the day, it is easy to let yourself break the pattern at night. (Also read: 9 superfoods that can warm up your belly instantly)

Apparently, people with Night Eating Syndrome (NES) report symptoms of low levels of hunger in the morning, excessive hunger in the evening, and initial insomnia or difficulty falling asleep. These patterns result in food intake being low during the earlier hours of the day, then much higher during the later hours of the day, which interferes with sleep.

However, g iving in to your body’s internal ticker might not be so great for the waistline. NES is not even often recognized or diagnosed by clinicians, and treatment methods are not well-supported. So what can you do about it?

Try this trick and you surely can get over it. Tonight, get a lock and key and lock the kitchen doors. If not kitchen, you can try locking your refrigerator. But don’t forget to give the keys to someone else. You can also get devices designed specifically to prevent you from hitting the fridge. For instance, you can get an alarm attached to the door and turn it on in the night. So, whenever you are trying to open it the alarm will turn on.

Alternatively you can also set up a CCTV so that people can check it for you in the morning. Feeling shameful can be a good motivator to stop. You can also lock the fridge on a timer so that you literally cannot open it till it is time.

This trick should work because in most cases we end up eating at night because it's much easier to do so as there's no one to see us eating or make fun of us.

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