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Get Your CV Noticed within 30 Seconds With This MS Word Hack

Get Your CV Noticed within 30 Seconds With This MS Word Hack

Writing a CV is not rocket science, but more often applicants end up making silly mistakes that will hinder their chances of being selected for the job. What every job applicant must remember is your CV is the most important and in many cases, the only object the recruiter will have about you. It doesn't matter how much of you have accomplished in life if the recruiter can't find them from your CV or the CV itself.

It is a fact that most of the recruiters receive as vast amount of CV for every job opening. And despite how well written or formatted, the last thing you want is your CV or part of the CV being lost. One very simple hack to make sure this doesn't happen is to use the header feature in Word or other document editors. With the header, you can add your name, page number or even your contact information to the top of every page of the CV. This will help the recruiter find your CV easily, or to find misplaced pages.

To do this, in Word, go to 'Insert' tab from the menu tabs. You can add a header, from the header option. Additionally, you can customize the header to match the overall format of your CV from there.

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