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Roposo Launches Bizdrum To Help Fashion Bloggers Connect Better With Brands

Roposo Launches Bizdrum To Help Fashion Bloggers Connect Better With Brands

Fashion social network Roposo has recently launched a new platform called Bizdrum, which will act as a bridge between fashion bloggers and brands.
Now fashion influencers and brands just need to log on to and create a profile for free. Then, the brands can create a campaign and choose the desired bloggers through a 12-factor evaluation criteria that includes reach, cost, demographics, content format, among others.
Once that is done, the team at Bizdrum would connect with the bloggers and recommend creative solutions, initiate campaign execution.

This basically brings in the two stakeholders to create a win-win situation. While it helps brands leverage bloggers' extensive network of influence amongst millennials, bloggers can get easy access to brands.

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The platform will help connecting more than 5000 fashion bloggers and celebs with the biggest fashion and lifestyle brands in the country. The Bizdrum team will also provide comprehensive end-to-end solutions for various services, ranging from media to creative consultancy and others.
Currently, more than 2000 bloggers and 500 celebs are listed on the platform. And more than 200 brands have affiliated with Roposo to create customized, end-to-end solutions including influencer campaigns with major brands like UrbanClap, Gionee, TataCliq Park Avenue, Vajor and RocknShop.

Commenting on the launch of Bizdrum, Ashish Aggrawal, Head of Brand Solutions at Bizdrum said, "Bloggers, brands and Bizdrum - our vision is to synergise the efforts of these 3 Bs to explore a unique marketing opportunity initiated by influencers and word-of-mouth publicity. While bloggers are great at content creation, they may not know how to monetize their skill due to lack of brand contacts. Brands, on the other hand, are paying ridiculous amounts in influencer marketing activities without generating any ROI. Bizdrum, in lieu of a fee charged from the brands, will provide all the essential services that will help both the stakeholders plug in their loop holes, and pay a part of the fees accumulated to the bloggers for their work in the campaign."

Mayank Bhangadia, Co-founder and CEO at Roposo said, " Roposo has been a source of lead generation and engagement for many brands and businesses . Observing that, we further thought of streamlining two major communities on Roposo - bloggers and brands. Bizdrum is a neutral platform, campaigns which focus on other platforms (and not Roposo) are equally welcome and given unbiased due attention."

Through Bizdrum, Roposo hopes to create a virtual space which allows brands to interact with talented bloggers and social influencers. They are the masters of these platforms and can easily generate, engage and influence the target audience's perspective, for marketing efforts to yield the best results.

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