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The Best Space-Saving Hack for Packing Your Suitcase
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The Best Space-Saving Hack for Packing Your Suitcase

Some love to pack their travel bags and some find it boring, but almost everyone loves to go on a holiday. And, there is no way you can avoid this chore. So why not begin your journey on a happy note by packing your bag diligently, instead of cribbing about lack of space?

The best hack to maximize space in your luggage, something that always works, is to roll your clothes instead of folding them. You can actually fit in almost double what you would otherwise. And folding clothes will ensure they don't get wrinkled. Remember, you have to leave space for the extra luggage on your way back.

It is impossible not to shop when you are travelling. It also makes sense to get some goodies or souvenirs for your friends and family back home. And, you wouldn't always be able to do your laundry, so you will have piles of dirty damp clothes that will occupy further space on your way back. When you roll your clothes, each piece occupies small and narrow space, giving room to many more.

So, you may try this hack. And, don't forget to roll your underwear as well. When you roll them rather than just stuffing them here and there, you will actually be surprised to see how much space you save.

Other interesting hacks if you are low on packing space would include:

  • Stuff socks and products that won't leak inside your shoes.
  • Pour little bit of your makeup products in your contact case or such small cases. You can also go in for zip lock covers. Skip the big cosmetics bottles.
  • Mix and match your outfits beforehand. This way you will know what to skip and what to carry. In fact, you can also place a small zip lock cover, with accessories suitable for the outfit, in between.
  • Always carry a pocket-sized foldable backpack with you. It hardly takes any space and you can pack your dirty clothes in it on your way back.
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