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5 Reasons How Gift Cards Will Help You be the Perfect 'Secret Santa' This Christmas
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5 Reasons How Gift Cards Will Help You be the Perfect 'Secret Santa' This Christmas

Winter has come and so is Christmas. The air is filled with carol singing, christmas tree, jingle bells. But the true Christmas spirit lies in playing secret santa with all your friends, family and colleagues. This Christmas season, you can be a meaningful gift-giver and yet be uber cool and trendy by giving digital gift cards to your loved ones.

5 reasons how gift cards will help you be the perfect Santa this Christmas:

· Gift of choice : Gift cards are the only gifts that come with a special power of letting the receiver choose what they want for this Christmas. We have all been in that situation where we do not like the gifts that are given to us and left wondering what to do with it. So be a good Santa and let your child choose his/her gift.

· Goodie bag of experiences : Materialistic gifts are a passe. Experiences are the magical gifts that create special memories . Gift cards come with a bundle of experiences, right from travelling to a winter wonderland to enjoying the warmth of a fancy Christmas meal.

· No geographical boundaries : As a Santa, you do not need Rudolph to guide your sleigh tonight, as you can gift your friend who lives miles away from you without even stepping out of your house. You do not have to worry if the same day delivery option is going to work or not.

· Instant gifting : You thought only coffee is instant? Nope! Sending a digital gift card can take only a few seconds. It is the fastest way to surprise our loved ones. Even if we forget to give a gift, we still can send a gift card in seconds

· Merry gifting : Gifting becomes as fun an activity like building frosty the snowman. Gift cards make gifting a hassle free experience so that it does not become one of the tasks that you keep trying to postpone.

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