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To Look Younger, Change How You Feel About Ageing

To Look Younger, Change How You Feel About Ageing

You know people who remain optimistic throughout their lives are more likely to be healthy and look young as they age, according to a study. Further, they are less likely to die of heart attacks and brain strokes. That means how long you live and how young you look, to a great extent, is under your control.

So don’t you think it is useless to spend money on wrinkle creams, plastic surgery and botox injections to look younger? Obviously yes! Lifestyle choices such as good diet, exercise, and meditation are directly related to having a high-quality life. In fact these things also help you look younger than your age. (Also read: 10 Common Mistakes Young People Make In Life And Realize Much Later)

If you want to look young and attractive, start developing a positive attitude towards life and look forward to the future. These things will help you keep going. Here are five more ways to stay psychologically young and boost the quality of your life.

1. Avoid negative stereotypes related to ageing: You know negative stereotypes have a negative effect on your mood and memory. Imagine how bad you feel when somebody says ‘you are slow and feeble’. You lose your confidence and it affects your performance. So, avoid such stereotypes at all cost to feel young and energetic .

2. Don’t feel you are old: The key to look young and attractive is how you feel inside. It is not dependent on your age or your physical appearance. You know feeling old is a self-fulfilling prophecy. For example, if you feel too old to do a physical activity or walk for long duration, you will cut back on the activity.

3. Set goals for the future: Plan what you want to do in future as this is vital regardless of your age, particularly if you have retired from your job or business. Keep working as this can keep you younger and occupied . You should have goals both personal and professional to grow and develop as you age. For example learn a new language or take up crossword puzzles.

4. Have a positive attitude even if you have a disease: Having a positive attitude will help you recover fast and could extend your life even when you are suffering from some diseases. It also improves your quality of life. Remember, people who had optimistic outlook towards things recover faster than those with pessimistic attitudes.

5. Don’t be dependent on mobility aids: It’s very easy to become dependent on mobility aids such as car and scooters as who wants to take pain. If you become tired after walking, do it slowly. You need to walk often to build up your strength and endurance. The more often you exercise and use your muscles, the less tired you’ll feel.

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