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Use Audio Swipe To Safely Control Android Music While Driving

Use Audio Swipe To Safely Control Android Music While Driving

Before I even start talking about the app and how you can use it easily to change music while driving your car, I want you to understand the fact that it's always risky to use your phone while driving and might even have fatal consequences. So if you are not in the habit of shuffling music while driving and stick to the radio, it's great to keep that habit. However, if you do change the music and you cannot even cover a mile without playing your favorite track, this trick will just make it a bit safer. (Also read: These Fitness Apps Help You Stay Healthy)

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So while the phone is in your dashboard holder and you need to change the track, unlocking the phone or even waking up the device to use the lock screen widget can be quite a task. Because, naturally, focusing on the streets is the primary task. Some phones give us the option to use the volume rockers button to change the music, but these are limited to stock music players.

Swiping Music on Android

To make things better (and safer) we have a new app on the Play Store with an innovative approach, which we will see as we talk about it. But to get started, you must go ahead and download the Audio Swipe app from the Play Store. As soon as you initialize the app, it will ask for a few permission on the Android Marshmallow Devices.

The app is a minimal music player that can play all the local music you have. However, to change the track you need to swipe to the left or right. Swiping up or down will increase and decrease the volume and tapping anywhere on the screen will pause and play the song. These swipes will help you easily control the music playback but will only work as long as the device is not locked.

The next good thing is that the developers have also addressed the battery consumption issue and if you long tap anywhere on the screen, it will make your screen black by decreasing the screen brightness to minimum. But as the phone is not locked, all the gestures will continue to work. (Also Read: ‚Äč Essential Car Gadgets 2016)

Works with Any Player

Moving on to the feature that makes Audio Swipe worth using and that is the option to use it with any music player you have like Spotify, Gaana, Wynk, etc. To change the default music player, tap on the Music icon on the top-right corner and then select your default player from the Control Media Player option. Now, simply play your music from the default player and then open the Audio Swipe interface to control the music.


You also get a built-in equalizer in the app as a cherry on top, however, it will only work with the Audio Swipe player and not with the 3rd party players you configure on Audio Swipe.

In the free version, you will get the option to do 200 swipes overall and if you like the app you can buy the unlimited version for the US $1.49. You can clear the app data or uninstall/reinstall the app to reset the swipe counter back to 200. Still, I'd request you to buy the pro version and support the developer for the innovative idea.

Cool Tip: Not just while driving, Audio Swipe can be useful even when you are running, working out in the gym or having a house party.


So that was how you can safely shuffle music on your Android while driving; however, as my moral duty I would again like to remind you that using phones while driving can be dangerous and you must focus on the streets. If you have company, ask them to change the songs while you drive.

Safely Control Android Music While Driving Using Audio Swipe | Guiding Tech

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