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Why You Must Mute Your Phone When Kept On Hold By Customer Care

Why You Must Mute Your Phone When Kept On Hold By Customer Care

If you have ever phoned a customer care service, then you must be familiar with two things. Firstly, the pre-recorded message saying that your calls will be recorded for quality control or training purpose. Secondly, being put on hold while the executive verifies or search for something that relates to your conversation.

Redditor by the name anonprogtada, points out a very serious judgment error we all make while on these calls. In a Reddit post, he asks everyone to mute your phone when on hold to a call center, because your call is being recorded the entire time. And the last thing you want is sensitive information you spoke or someone else said to you while on the call being stored on a call center server.

Many call center employees, replying to the thread, suggested that these recordings are used only to evaluate the customer care person. However, some of them do admit of instances leading to a federal case in the US against a caller based on something that was recorded. So, next time make sure to hit that mute button till the executive is back online.

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