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Why Your Last Impression is As Important as the First Impression

Why Your Last Impression is As Important as the First Impression

S. Shanthi
We have always been told to create a great first impression. However, what is equally or more important is the last impression you create. For, last impression is the lasting impression, something that stays with the other person for a long time.

That is the reason the best is always left for the last. That is why every stage show ends with a grand finale. Last impression is what people take home. Making a good first impression is an important component of any job interview or personal interaction. But equally significant is your last impression.
In psychological terms, the tendency to remember first and last impressions is called the primacy or recency effect. In short, our brains tend to remember the first item (primacy) and last item (recency) in a series.

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So, whenever you go for a meeting or a date or an interview, try this technique. Hold back a critical interesting piece of information and save it for the end of the meeting. Just before you part company, ask a question or share that important information you had reserved. You will surely leave a great impression, if you had missed creating a good first impression.

And, when you are leaving an organization, never leave it on a bad note. The last impression you create is how you will be remembered. And how you are remembered will probably have long term implications. Whenever you quit, don't allow yourself to think that you won't need references from your employer or co-workers. Many employers personally speak with former co-workers before taking in anyone.

Leaving a good last impression is important in relationships as well. When you go on a first date, usually first few moments can be awkward. So, there are chances you might miss on creating a great first impression . But you can make up by ending the date on a beautiful note. That will be the image that will stay on your partners mind for a long time.

And, when you breakup, never leave it on bad terms. If you do so, you can never get it out of your system. A badly ended relationship is difficult to let go. However hard you try to justify whatever you did, you are going to regret it down the road.

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