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4 Guaranteed Tricks to Test if Bottled Honey is Pure

4 Guaranteed Tricks to Test if Bottled Honey is Pure

The health benefits of honey are very well-known. From its ability to detox your body to building immunity, honey is one wonder product that never fails to show results . However, unfortunately, not all honey packs sold in supermarkets is pure. It is often adulterated with water or glucose. So, to reap utmost benefits, it is very important to find out if the honey is pure and of high quality. Here are four amazing hacks to find out if the honey you just bought is 100 per cent pure.

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Light cotton dipped in honey
Dip cotton in little honey. Light a match and try to burn it. If it lights and burns, then it is pure. This is how it works. Impure or low-quality honey contains extra water which prevents it from burning.

Add honey to a glass of water
Take a tablespoon of honey and put it in a glass of water. Pure honey shouldn't dissolve and stays together as a solid piece. So, if the honey dissolves, it is not pure.

Try the vinegar test
Take a teaspoon of honey and mix it with little water. Then, add a few drops of little vinegar to the mixture. If it turns foamy, it is time to chuck it.

Check with hard bread
Take a small piece of hard bread and put it in a bowl of honey. Remove it after ten minutes. If you find the bread to still be hard, it is surely pure. Adulterated honey will soften the bread.

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