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5 Reasons Why Writing Things Down Is Important

5 Reasons Why Writing Things Down Is Important

Ideas can strike you any time, no matter where you are or what you are doing, and it is not possible to remember all of them. So, the best way to keep them handy is to immediately write them down. But if you simply rely on your memory, chances are less that you will be able to recall them at a specific time.

Moreover, writing down things has positive effects on the functioning of your brain. You can easily memorize things by writing them down, which is why students are often advised to read a topic and write down the points they have understood. And if you are still unconvinced, here are some more reasons to make you believe that writing down things is a better option.

1. Clears your doubts

When you note down things, it will let you unload your mental bucket. Your mind won't be under pressure to remember everything, and you can think of other ideas or plans.

When you review your old notes, you realize how the image of the idea has faded with the passage of time. You can recollect your idea from the notebook.

2. Helps you focus

Your mind becomes more focused when you write things down, for it knows exactly in what direction to think.

Further, your mind won't be occupied with not-so-important thoughts and will have a fixed concept to think upon.

3. Helpful for reference

You may not be able to recollect an idea that occurred to you months ago or what someone said at a particular time, but if you have written it down somewhere, you can always go back to it.

For example, if you compile and maintain the minutes of your office meetings, you will always have an upper hand over your colleagues. Your boss will surely be impressed if you remember what was discussed in previous meeting.

4. Boosts productivity

Writing can make your life much easier. You will be more organized and your ideas will have a structure. Just a faded image of something may not help you implement your plan. When it's written down, you will be able to take across your idea effectively.

A simple example of this can be a grocery list. When you just make a list in your mind, there are chances you may forget a thing or two. But when you have written it down, you get all the things in a piece of paper.

5. Helps you solve problems

When you face some problem, and want a quick fix. Write it down about what you can do about it, what factors influenced it and how to solve it.

When plans or thoughts are crystallized into words, there are better chances of arriving at a conclusion. This makes you learn how to solve problems.

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