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5 Intelligent Ways to Deal With Closed-Minded People

5 Intelligent Ways to Deal With Closed-Minded People

Closed-minded people are everywhere. It could be your colleague giving you unsolicited advice or a friend who thinks only he or she is right. They are the ones who feel superior, are dismissive of others’ opinions and unwilling to listen to others. They always preach and feel happy telling others how to do their job.

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They can be exhausting and annoying many a times. They preach and boast so often that with time it becomes a part of their personality. According to a recent study, nearly 70 per cent of people are about twice as likely to cherry-pick information that supports their own viewpoints than to consider an opposing idea.

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"Close-minded people are very certain and dogmatic in their views, and generally believe that there is a single correct point of view. The implication is that you have a group of people who would only seek to confirm their points of view, resisting all evidence to the contrary via avoidance of exposure," said study researcher Dolores Albarracin, a psychology professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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