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5 Lace Tricks to Revamp Your Wardrobe On a Budget

5 Lace Tricks to Revamp Your Wardrobe On a Budget

"I have nothing to wear." Is this what you say every morning when you open your closet? May be you need to add little spice to your boring and predictable clothes. And, the good news is, you can do it without overindulging on shopping. All you need is a lace and few lacey hacks. SujitKumar Mohanty, Brand Head, Intrika, an online lace designer wear brand, shares 5 interesting lacey hacks with Lifehacker India to help you re-work on your wardrobe.

Lace up your old denims
Denim shorts and lace are a classic, but imagine giving them a fun twist and making them look new again? Lace is your go-to for this purpose as it goes so well with all your denims. Take your torn jeans or shorts and set this delicate fabric on it the way you like. You can stitch it onto the bottom with a little lace peeping outwards or you could also tie a lace bow around the belt loop. This will make your denims look cuter and add a girly element to it which will give you a perfect reason to wear it again.

Reinvent your plain dresses
You will be having many dresses that you have not worn in months or even years and have been tossed to the back of your cupboards. It's time to add some lace to your plain dresses and give them a complete makeover. Stitch lace trimmings onto your outfit for an elegant finishing. You could also attach lace sleeves to your off shoulder dresses. Besides being in vogue this year, it will completely spike up your old dresses and makes you look simply gorgeous.

Enhance your outfits with a lace scarf
A simple, yet delicate lace scarf can go a long way in sprucing up your look. It goes well with everything from blouses, dresses, skirts to even jeans and shorts. Hence drape it around you the way you like and watch it instantly lift your old outfits.

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Add a lacey touch to your ethnic wear
Wouldn't recreating your traditional outfits with a twist sound fun? A quick fix with lace is an interesting fashion hack to flaunt your new style. Lace capes on suits are taking fashionistas by storm and grabbing everyone's attention. Lace duppatas are also making a comeback to brighten up a simple outfit and make you look gorgeous.

Cover up with a lace shrug
Shrugs are a timeless addition to every girl's wardrobe. When you add a touch of lace, it creates an elegant charm that it is completely worth the effort. Also, it is a smart way of hiding anybody's flaws. Hence wear it with any of your old outfits and watch it take on a complete transition.

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(Image Credit: Pinterest, Intrika)

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