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7 Relationship Rules Every Couple Should Learn From The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

7 Relationship Rules Every Couple Should Learn From The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton are currently in India to experience a variety of aspects of contemporary Indian life, focusing on youth, sports, entrepreneurship, efforts to relieve urban poverty, the creative arts, and rural life.

Ever since they got married on April 29, 2011, people across the world have been looking for every minute update of their lives.

They are now proud parents of two. The royal couple has shown the world how a couple should follow classic relationship rules and make things work. Here we share a few relationships rules which work everywhere.

1. The first rule is to become friends : The first rule is to become good friends and spend a lot of time together. The royal couple first met in 2001, and their relationship took a romantic turn on Christmas in 2003. They spent a lot of time together as friends, and even shared a flat before they started dating. So, friendship plays a big role in a couple's long-term happiness.

2. Proceed slowly : Never succumb to any kind of pressure, be it from your parents or society. Even the royal couple underwent a lot of public pressure. But, William didn't cave in to pressure, and waited eight years before he popped the question to his lady love. Kate spent a lot of time understanding the royal responsibilities and the family, before saying 'yes'.

3. Give yourself the required space : Loving each other does not mean that you need to compromise your own interests. While William focused on his military career, Kate concentrated on her job and took care of her parents' business. They both also make time for their friends, going out solo as well as together. Men and women who are true to themselves and their beliefs feel happier as per experts.

4. Know each other's family : Family bonding is a crucial component of a happy marriage. Kate is not from royal stock, but that hasn't stopped William from embracing the Middleton clan. He even asked Kate's father for permission before proposing her. On the other hand, Kate has worked hard to fit into the royal family.

5. Breaks teach you a lot : Even if you are not sure of the course of events in future, give each other time and don't say bad things about your partner. After William and Kate took a two-month break in 2007, they felt that the time apart made their relationship more concrete and brought them closer. A break can sometimes strengthen a relationship.

6. Life beyond wedding : While their families were busy planning the wedding of the century, Kate and William made plans about their future. They planned how to stay out of the public eye for the first two years of their marriage to focus on their lives as newlyweds.

7. Try to have fun together : The couple that enjoys together, stays together. The royal couple shares a lot of similar interests such as traveling, playing sports, appreciating art, and other humanitarian work. So, it is not wrong to say that the more time a couple spends together, the happier their marriage will turn out to be later on.

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