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9 Brilliant Hacks Fashion Experts Use to Organize Their Wardrobe

9 Brilliant Hacks Fashion Experts Use to Organize Their Wardrobe

Does your house always fall short of storage space? For most people in cities, space is a huge concern. With each passing year, as your belongings increase, the storage space shrinks. Often, you add new things without adequately disposing off the old. Sometimes, apartments may lack adequate storage spaces such as cupboards and wardrobes.

Whatever the case may be, intelligently utilizing the available area is the answer to all storage woes. "Just like how horizontal space crunch has been addressed by vertical high rises, it is easy to come up with ways to utilise your wardrobe space to the best of your ability," says Monika Oswal, Executive Director, Monte Carlo. She also shares with us more such useful tips.

Put hooks on the inside of the wardrobe doors

The inside of the wardrobe doors can provide very useful space to hang purses, towels, scarves or belts, if you have hooks attached to them. Items such as these can make a mess of your closet if you chose to keep them inside it. Get a few hook rods and install them inside the doors, up and down, on both sides. Immediately you will have an entirely new storing mechanism available at hand. Even keys will find a safe-keeping location here.

Have extra shelving installed

Sometimes, wardrobes are designed unintelligently as large vertical spaces. With just one shelf, and a hanging rod, a lot of vertical space is left unused or wasted. Some people try to make use of it by making high stacks of clothes, which again renders your storing experience unsavory. In case your wardrobe has ample vertical space, better utilize it by having another plank inserted inside it. This will give you an added shelf and prevent the need for stacking up clothes like high rise buildings.

Use hangers diligently

Every wardrobe comes with limited hanging space, so it is important to use hangers intelligently. Don't indulge in the luxury of assigning one hanger to one piece of dress. Rather, use one hanger to hang multiple things such as 2-3 scarves, a trouser and a shirt.

Use boxes for storing lingerie and socks

The problem of having a small wardrobe is that smaller items tend to get lost among other clothes. It is always a better idea to have a dedicated area marked clearly by a boundary to store stuff like lingerie items, handkerchiefs and socks. You can use old boxes and keep them in a corner of your wardrobe to store these items. This will ensure you do not have to search for them, and your wardrobe also looks cleaner and finely organized.

Stack clothes according to utility

While using space remember your psychology. Firstly you tend to wear more what you easily spot. Secondly, you will easily find objects if they are kept bracketed together with their likes. So, keep all your pajamas in one stack, your T shirts in one stack and the like. Similarly, the clothes you want to wear more often must be kept on top of the pile. Better still, hang the clothes you wear to work, while stack the clothes that you wear at home.

Use accessory organizing trays for jewellery

Even if you have a draw where you can store your daily jewellery items such as ear rings and finger rings, it is always better to have an accessory organizer with small dedicated trays for different items. This can help you easily look for things. For instance, you can keep your fingers rings and bracelets stacked in one tray, your daily ear wears in another, and your favorite party wears in the third one. You can use old utensil trays or plates with partitions to make custom made organizing trays.

Keep smaller items in cups

Another intelligent way to keep smaller items and accessories is to place a cup or two inside your wardrobe. Here you can keep your hairbands, your clutchers or clips or other items such as scissors or nail utters. Remember, organizing your things well is key to a sorted life. You must not spend half of your life searching for things.

Store make up items in pouches

Make up items also tend to get lost in the crowd of your clothes and accessories. It helps to have them safe together in a pouch that can rest safely in one of your wardrobe drawers.

Keep shoes inside old buckets under the bed

Shoes take quite a lot of storage space. Rather than lining up all of them in the closet or in the room, use the utility criteria to keep them. The shoes or sandals you wear on a daily basis can be lined up under your wardrobe, while others can be conveniently stacked in a clean old bucket, safely under your bed. To keep them clean, cover the bucket opening with a cello fin.

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