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Exercises For Pregnant Women

Exercises For Pregnant Women

You are experiencing the ultimate gift of Mother Nature and you could not be happier about it. How about being a bit healthier though? Pregnant women always find it difficult to cope with the physical changes during pregnancy and some easy exercises can always help you maintain your good health so that you enjoy these precious moments in the best of your health. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynaaecologists recommends expectant women to exercise for at least half an hour a day.

Given below are some easy exercise tips that will help you go through your pregnancy in the best way possible.

Brisk Walking

It is the easiest exercise for pregnant women and also the most recommended one. Taking a walk with a good pair of shoes can help you cope with the increased body weight and also keep your body in the required movement, keeping off the pain of sore muscles. It also gives your heart a much-needed workout. Needless to mention, doing it in the morning and evening with your partner would also give you both some quality time to spend with each other, and prepare yourself for welcoming your little bundle of joy.


Stretching can comfort you from pain in your lower back and muscle strains. You can try various stretching exercises for your neck, hips, lower back, shoulders, legs and arms. Tailor stretching is the most recommended way to stretch as the cross-legged position is very safe and comfortable for your body structure at the time of your pregnancy.


Yoga for pregnant women, also known as prenatal yoga is a great way of keeping your health in check during the nine months. As per a report of the Harvard Mental Health Letter, yoga is not only beneficial during the pregnancy but also keeps your heart beat and blood pressure under control after the child is born. Other than the physical benefits, yoga also gives you mental peace that helps you keep calm during labour and delivery.


If you have been into aerobics before, then to adapt to changes in your body you must learn to lower the intensity of your workout. Heavy workouts can prove to be dangerous to both the mother and the baby. However, if you have just begun, start with low-impact aerobics after consulting with a trained coach.

Weight Training

You don't always need to be a Lea Ann Ellison in weight lifting, but even she did it in her pregnancy. Busting all the myths related to weight training in pregnancy, she delivered a perfectly healthy baby boy after weight lifting through her pregnancy. In her own words, pregnancy is not an illness and you must listen to what your body demands and commands. Weight training is a great way to tone and strengthen your muscles but if you are doing it for the first time, please make sure you are under the close supervision of a trained person.


How about feeling light even while carrying those extra pounds? Being in water will not only give you this psychological joy but would also exercise your legs and arms, benefit your heart and comfort your swollen legs. Always take extra caution regarding hygiene and cleanliness when choosing your swimming pool because the risk of infections is higher during pregnancy.

Remember that the less time you spend getting back to good health after the delivery, the more time you will have to take care of the little one. Therefore, follow these easy exercises to enjoy this blissful phase of life with good health as an added advantage.

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