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Tricks to Get Chores Done Without Interrupting Your Productivity or Down Time

Two Tricks to Get Chores Done Without Interrupting Your Productivity or Down Time

For me, the best part about a stay in a hotel is the complete lack of chores: no laundry, no garbage to be taken out, no cooking, no tidying up -- it's just awesome. Unfortunately, real life can break you down with the rigour of these daily tasks.

I came across two cool hacks this weekend that can change how we look at getting chores done -- one that doesn't interfere in your down-time and another that doesn't interfere in your productivity. Choose the one that works best for you.

1) Refuse to do chores on weekends.
In her article at Fast Company , Laura Vanderkam presents a universal truth that's the cornerstone of this hack: "Chores expand to fill the available space." Whatever amount of time you have, there will always be chores to take up that time. So her solution is simple: just cut down the available space. She suggests never doing any chores on the weekend. The effect is that once implemented, you seize small bits of time during the week to do whatever needs to be done, and you will invariably hire a pro for time-sucking jobs (like mopping or cooking), which is something you should be doing anyway.

2) Make an Administrative Day In The Week, and a Mosquito Block for Other Days
It might seem counter-productive, but Cal Newport of Study Hacks swears this works. Reserve one day of the week as an 'administrative day' where you finish all obligations of the week that can be done in 20 minutes and/or do not require serious thoughts. This can be your laundry, cleaning, phone calls, bills or whatever else.

"Batching reduces stress. Using an administrative day takes advantage of the flexibility of the student schedule to seriously batch some of the most stress-provoking work," Newport writes.

Of course, in real life, you will find odd tasks popping up on other days too. So Newport recommends scheduling a 'Mosquito Block' hour for those admin tasks that might dribble into your work day.

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