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Hello January! Here are Some Facts About January You Might Not Know About

Hello January! Here are Some Facts About January You Might Not Know About

We stepped into the year 2016 and the first month of the year is important as we ring in the New Year with resolutions, goals and a lot of hope. Did you know that January derives its name from Roman god Janus? Moreover, there are many stories associated with this month. As per a Roman legend, Emperor Numa Pompilius added January to the end of the 10-month Roman calendar in 700 B.C and allotted 30 days to January.

However, Romans later made January the first month of the year and in 46 B.C. Julius Caesar added one more day to the month, making it a 31-day month. There are a lot more interesting facts associated with the month of January that you may not be aware of. Here are 10 lesser known facts about the month of January.

1. January was known as the "wolf month" : The Anglo-Saxons called January "wolf month" as in the winter season, wolves came into their villages in the search of food and shelter.

2. Coldest month in the Northern Hemisphere : January is the coldest month in the northern half of the world as snowfall and cold winds blow throughout the region during this month.

3. Much Ado About Nothing refers to January : Shakespearean plays Much Ado About Nothing and Winter's Tale are the only two works that mention the month of January.

4. Can't do without January 4 : According to the International Standard Organization's ISO 8601, week 1 of any year is the week including January 4.

5. January is also known as "Tammikuu" : In Finnish, January is "Tammikuu", which means the month of the oak, referring to the hardest trees in Finland . Frost covers everything in Finland in the 'harsh' month of January.

6. Warmest month in the Southern Hemisphere : In the southern half portion of the world, January is the warmest month of the year.

7. January's gem is garnet : The birthstone for those born in the month of January is garnet, which represents constancy.

8. Zodiac signs : The zodiac signs for those born in January is Capricorn (December 22 - January 19) and Aquarius (January 20 - February 18).

9. The flower symbol : The flower symbol of January is snowdrop and carnation.

10. Ice Month in Czech : In Czech, the month of January is known as "Leden", which means "ice month".

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