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International Women’s Day Special: This Is What Women Travelers In India Want

International Women’s Day Special: This Is What Women Travelers In India Want

About 70% of the women want to travel all alone in India, given it should be made safe and secure for them at any time, according to online travel portal HolidayIQ, which recently conducted a survey on the occasion of International Women's Day.

HolidayIQ has conducted a survey regarding women traveler's expectations and insights about growth of tourism in India. More than 20,000 participants from over 30 cities and towns participated in the survey.

Almost 60% of the woman travelers want better access to remote destinations in India, while 28% of them want trains and buses be dedicated only for them. They shared their opinions about having more women tourist guides and women taxi drivers to help them explore more areas and reach their destinations easily.

Following are some of the findings of the survey:

* Safe Solo Travel : According to the portal, more women are now coming up with an idea to travel alone. At least 72% of women travelers demand safe solo travel.

* Safe Accommodation Options : In a last few months, there have been an increase in women travelers opting for camps, and jungle lodges for their brief stay.

* Better Access to Remote Destinations : Women feel there is a need for better accessibility to remote destinations as they are interested in exploring off-beat destinations.

* Clean Buses and Trains : Women travelers do not want to travel via trains or buses as they generally remain dirty. According to them, hygiene is an important aspect when they chose their mode of transportation.

* More Women Tourist Guides : Women travelers want more of women tourist guides at every spot as they are more comfortable to approach them.

* Wi-Fi Hubs : Women travelers demand more of Wi-Fi hubs so that they can get information easily on internet and download apps when required.

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