Masterchef’s 1-Minute Instant Ice Cream with Just a Food Processor

How do you make ice-cream in just one minute? "You don't need an ice-cream maker, you don't need to wait for things to freeze!" The moment food critic Matt Preston uttered those magic words on MasterChef Australia's latest episode, you knew you had a winner on your hands.

In the 'The Cheat's Guide To Ice Cream', Preston teaches a bunch of kids how to make instant ice-cream. It's a super-simple recipe that you can make and eat quickly.


1) 500 gms frozen fruits [Preston made three ice-creams: peaches, pears and strawberries]

2) 70 gms of sugar

3) 2 egg whites

4) ½ cup cream (optional)


1) Put the frozen fruits into a food processor and add the sugar.

2) Start the processor.

3) Pour in the egg whites. After a while, you should see the mixture starting to turn paler at the bottom.

TIP: The pear can get a bit sticky and mushed up, so if you aren't seeing it turn pale, pour in a little lemon juice.

4) Optional step: Pour in the cream. Preston himself admits that half a cup is a bit decadent, so you can adjust this or skip this entirely.

5) Once the mixture looks smooth and creamy, turn it off. 6) EAT! This doesn't need to be frozen, so start eating it fresh.

Masterchef Australia

Image: Sydney Morning Herald
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