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Pack Awkward Items First to Maximize Suitcase Storage Space When TravellingTravel

Pack Awkward Items First to Maximize Suitcase Storage Space When Travelling

The worst part about travelling is packing all your stuff into that suitcase. No matter how hard you try, the space just doesn't seem to be enough for all your essential items.

Krissy Brady of Lifehack recommends packing your awkward items first, such as your hair dryer, shoes, purses, shaving kit and other equipment that's of an odd, rigid shape. Align them along the outer perimeter and work your way inwards.

Once you do that, start stuffing your socks, bathing suits, handkerchiefs, belts and other small items into the nooks and crannies created by the awkward items.

"This process helps to evenly distribute the weight of your items so nothing ends up broken/crushed during your trip," Brady says.

For more tips on how to pack efficiently, check out the full post at the link below.

How to Pack a Suitcase Efficiently and Perfectly | Lifehack
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