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Agent Packing Secrets: Skimp On Clothes You Won’t Be Seen In To Fit A Huge

Travel Agent Packing Secrets: Skimp On Clothes You Won’t Be Seen In To Fit A Huge Wardrobe

The next time you are travelling and need to pack light, here's a neat little trick: figure out your outfits in advance so that you can neatly divide them into the ones you will be wearing out and the ones you won't be. Then, skimp on the ones you won't be seen in and pack smaller items in the wardrobe you want to flaunt.

This hack comes courtesy of Erica Wilkinson, a virtuoso travel agent, who recently went on a trip and fit five outfits, five pairs of shoes, toiletries, and electronics into her carry-on luggage!

Clothes that you are bound to wear in the comfort of your hotel room or gym should be minimal and those that take up less space. Similarly, clothes that won't be seen often -- like bras -- should be reduced to as low a number as possible.

"One over-sized tee shirt is perfectly fine instead of a pajama set. You only need one or two bras, and workout clothes (if needed) have to be pared to bare essentials -- a swimsuit, a sports bra and shorts," she writes.

Also, for the clothes you will be wearing out, decide in advance what you will be wearing on each part of the trip, and pack the smallest, space-saving items. For example, "skirts take up much less space than slacks or jeans, camisoles and tank tops less space than blouses and sweaters."

Her full post has many other cool hacks that you should check out.

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