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Practice These Yoga Moves at Your Standing DeskHealth

Practice These Yoga Moves at Your Standing Desk

Melanie Pinola , Gawker Media

Practice These Yoga Moves at Your Standing Desk

While sitting all day might be killing you , standing for long periods of time can also cause discomfort. A few yoga moves can get rid of the aches and pains that come with switching to a standing desk.

Mother Nature Network offers this easy routine from yoga teacher Lilly Kovesi:

""Start with a combination of Mountain Pose (tadasana) followed by Standing Half Moon (ardha chandrasana), a side bending pose.

Move to Tree (vrksasana) on each side and then into Mountain Pose with arms over head (urdhva hastasana).

Interlace fingers behind back and fold forward (Yoga mudra), and finish with a Standing Forward Fold with an easy twist: One hand on the earth (under the face) other hand extended to sky. End in Mountain Pose.""

If you're already a yoga practitioner, these moves should be familiar to you. If not, you can see the poses on Yoga Journal . Still trying to get into yoga? Check out our guide to getting started .

Yoga for standing desk lovers | Mother Nature Network

Photo by lululemon athletics .

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