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Quickly Clear a Room of Smoke & Odour with Household Items
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Quickly Clear a Room of Smoke & Odour with Household Items

Whether you've just had company over or are expecting people, the last thing you want to deal with is a room stinking of cigarette smoke. Here are a few easy ways to get rid of that stench quickly using items you already have at home.

Towel Redditor opticnerve shares this quirky tip : Grab a towel and soak it in water, leaving half of it dry for you to hold. Wring the excess water out of it. Next, hold the dry half of the towel and swing it around in a circle overhead as you walk through the room. It appears that the moisture from the towel helps to disperse the smoke. You'll want to also air out the room while you do this, by opening all doors and windows that lead outside. Turning on a fan will also help speed things up.

Baking Soda Carpets tend to absorb the smell of smoke, but they can be tackled with baking soda. Sprinkle a bit of baking soda on your carpets, let it sit for a few minutes and then vacuum-clean your carpets. This will get rid of the baking soda as well as the odour trapped in the carpets.

White Vinegar If any odour remains even after you've taken care of most of the smoke, you can use vinegar to neutralise it. Simply pour out some white vinegar into small bowls and place them near items that absorb the smell of smoke, such as upholstered couches and drapes. Be sure to leave your doors and windows open to allow the vinegar smell to dissipate quickly too.

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