Replace "I Am" With "I Am Doing" to Examine Your Negative Feeling

Dave Greenbaum , Gawker Media


When we're stressed or anxious, we'll often say "I'm stressed" or "I'm anxious". These are emotions and not a reflection of who we are. Instead, say "I am doing" in front of the emotion.

We've covered mindfulness before and this tip is a quick way to remember an emotion is a feeling and not a state of being. explains three statements and their impact:

"I am frustrated."

"I feel frustrated."

"I'm doing frustration."

The third statement puts you in control of the emotion. Yes, you're feeling it, but because it's something that you're doing, you can stop doing it. In other words, you're putting your mental energy into solving the problem of the negative emotion.

It sounds a bit weird and it doesn't roll off the tongue, but that's the point. When you realize that stress, frustration, or anxiety aren't permanent conditions, you can change your outlook.

The Neuroscience of Motivation |

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