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Stop Trying to Please Everyone or Chasing Impossible GoalsMind Hacks

Stop Trying to Please Everyone or Chasing Impossible Goals

Mark Wilson , Gawker Media

Stop Trying to Please Everyone or Chasing Impossible Goals

We're used to being told "you can do it", "never give up", and "you can do whatever you want to do". But there are limits. If you spend time chasing impossible goals, you are just wasting energy that could be used more productively.

Noah St John, author and productivity advisor, recommends rethinking goals, and skipping those that are impossible. Included in this is the desire to make everyone happy.

The truth is that you CANNOT make everyone else happy. In fact, technically, you can't "make" ANYONE else happy. Why is that? Because each of us is ultimately responsible for our own happiness or unhappiness.

This impossible goal comes into play a lot in our personal relationships. Have you ever been in a relationship with someone who, no matter what you do for them, no matter how much you give and give and give, they're still never happy? I can hear some of you saying, "Noah, have you been following me around!?"

Of course, you and I can influence otherpeople's happiness. But ultimately, you can't make anyone else happy.

Noah also highlights the fact that there is nothing inherently wrong with failure. Expect to succeed at everything, and you're almost certain to be disappointed. Click the link below to learn about more impossible goal you should avoid.

5 Impossible Goals You Should Stop Going After | Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life

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