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The Best Beer Pairings For Seven Different Girl Scout CookiesKitchen

The Best Beer Pairings For Seven Different Girl Scout Cookies

Kristin Wong , Gawker Media
The Best Beer Pairings For Seven Different Girl Scout Cookies

How do you take something that's already delicious and make it an entire mouth-watering experience? Beer. If you like Girl Scout cookies and you also like brew, you might as well combine the two, and beer expert Julia Herz offers her suggestions for pairing.

Herz is the craft beer program director at the Brewers Association and publisher of Over at the New York Daily News, she suggests beer pairings for seven types of Girl Scout cookies . Here are a few highlights:

THIN MINTS: These popular mint-flavored cookies dipped in chocolate beg for a coffee- or chocolate-infused stout or porter such as the Chocolate Oak Aged Yeti Imperial Stout from Great Divide Brewing Co. "It's like a Peppermint Patty in your mouth," says Herz.

SAMOAS: The caramel and toasted coconut rings drizzled with chocolate call for a Belgian-style quadrupel (like Russian River Brewing Company's Salvation strong dark ale) or American brown ale like Brooklyn Brewery's Brown Ale.

TAGALONGS: These cookies combine peanut butter and chocolate. "They are super rich, so Belgian-style dubbels or quadruples are perfect," says Herz. Or try brown ales brewed with coffee or chocolate, like Face Down Brown Ale from Telluride Brewing Co. for a perfect match.

If you want more, head to the full list at the link below.

The best beers to pair with Girl Scout cookies | New York Daily News

Photo by Marit & Toomas Hinnosaar .

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