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The Financial Moves You Should Make in April
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The Financial Moves You Should Make in April

Andy Orin, Gawker Media

The Financial Moves You Should Make in April

Happy Financial Literacy Month ! April is the national awareness month devoted to boosting your money savvy. That's why LearnVest has created this month's Financial To-Dos: five painless tasks to consider that can help get your money in tip-top shape-and set you up for a smart spring.

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Book Summer Travel Plans

Let's start with a fun one: If you've been budgeting for a trip this year, now's the time to settle on your summer getaway. To help keep costs down , it's usually best to book airline tickets three months in advance -and on a Tuesday . Itching to get out of dodge, but aren't sure where to go? Browse our 2014 travel report of some of the best budget-friendly trips (all under $2,500!) to see if any catch your eye. Argentina , anyone?

Re-Evaluate Your Budget

If you were hunkered down inside during the Polar Vortex, you probably found it a little easier to stick to a lean budget. But does your breakdown still make sense for spring? Warmer weather can equal more temptations to splurge (think: dining alfresco and the onset of outdoor entertainment). Is your budget ready for it?

Go on the offensive by heading to the free LearnVest Money Center now. Pinpoint where you've been overspending in the past, and where you could potentially cut back or reallocate. After all, we want you to enjoy your summer getaway-not stress about the credit card bills awaiting your return.

Put the Finishing Touches on Your Taxes

Already filed your forms and cashed that refund check weeks ago? Congrats! But if you're, well, a little behind, no worries: You have until the middle of the month to finalize your taxes. And we'll help you get there with our easy-to-digest tax guides (like the ins and outs of filing as a freelancer and the tax breaks every parent should know ). April 15 is also the deadline to request an extension , if you need a little more time. Just remember it's a six-month extension to file, not to pay.

Give Your Insurance Polices a Once-Over

'Tis the season for reviving-everything from your overstuffed closet to your cluttered e-mail inbox . Guess what: It's also a good time to consider reevaluating your insurance coverage. Peruse quotes online to make sure you're still getting the best rate, or get in touch with your current agent. Tied the knot or welcomed a little one this year? It's even more important to make sure you've got the right coverage. Learn which policies you may need, and get the 101 on life insurance and homeowners insurance .

File Your Financial Documents

Remember what we said about April being the month for organization? Same goes for your financial documents. If you've been going by the stuff-it-into-the-kitchen-drawer method for everything from bank statements to health records, now's the time to think about shifting course. Start with our guide to financial filing for the ultimate breakdown on which pesky papers to keep -and which to toss (or shred). And if you're feeling inspired, don't stop there: Tackle these six ways to spring-clean your finances . Here's to a fresh start!

Your April 2014 Financial To-Dos | LearnVest

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